Freddy’s Steakburgers opens in West Columbia

By Karamie Sullivan

The new Freddy’s Steakburgers opened in West Columbia, Tuesday, and it created a buzz.

The new restaurant, near Lexington Medical Center on Sunset Boulevard, gave a Freddy’s T-shirt to the first fifty people in line at the grand opening.

Freddy’s offers a hospitable, “mom and pop” store feel, and specializes in burgers, made from lean-ground steak trimmings. Each one comes in a small puck, and is then hand-smashed on the grill, resulting in a thin and crispy edge of the patty.

Director of Marketing and Guest Relations, Lexi Mische moved to South Carolina from Kansas City to work at the new location. She said she loves the restaurant’s concept and is hopeful people here will appreciate the food Freddy’s serves.

No patty is going to be exactly the same, because they are each smashed out onto the grill,” Mische said. “We hand season our fries and patties and people love our fry sauce, it’s a big thing too.”

The other unique item Freddy’s focuses on is dessert custard. General Manager Dexter Smizer describes it as something that is even better than ice cream.

It’s a premium frozen treat and it’s made without any air crystals so that makes it more rich and dense than ice-cream,” he said.

Smizer also moved to the Midlands area from Kansas, and helped develop the first local Freddy’s that opened back in February on Killian Road.

According to Smizer, the first location has been welcomed by people in the area, and he anticipates the newer West Columbia location to become just as successful.

The original concept was created in Wichita, Kansas back in 2002. The restaurant was named after one of the owner’s fathers. At first there were no plans to franchise it, or even create more than one store. However, the concept “blew up,” as Smizer put it. Now the franchise is continuing to grow throughout the country.

The grand opening day created a promising start for the new location. “Everything has gone really great, almost even better than I had expected,” said Smizer. “We definitely want to keep everyone coming back.”