Nationally known skateboard team at Columbia’s Bluetile Skate Shop

By Karamie Sullivan

It was a chance to get to see of the top talent in the craft.

Skateboarding fans came to Blue Tile Skate Shop in Columbia Monday to get their skateboards, t-shirts, and posters signed by Zero Skateboard’s team of professional skateboarders. The team is in the middle of a cross-country trek called “The United States of Whatever Tour.” It includes stops at local skate shops around the country.

Bluetile employee Andrew Rice got to see many younger skateboarders encounter a group of guys they have admired for a long time.

“A lot of these kids look up to them, for however long they’ve been skateboarding,” Rice said. “They make skate videos that kids grow up watching. These guys inspire the younger generation.”

According to Rice, the team sought out Bluetile to be their stop in South Carolina. Zero Skateboards contacted the owner of the shop, and planned the date for the signing. The team of professionals stayed at Bluetile until around 7 p.m., then drove to Owens Field Park for a demo.

The group’s 35 day tour began in California, and is stopping next in Winston Salem, NC. Their final stop will be in Las Vegas.

Team member Chris Wimer said it’s nice to see fans come out to support them. “It feels good, you know. I haven’t even been doing this as long as some of the other guys have, but you discover it’s all part of the job,” said Wimer.