Plans for Capital City Stadium property change, without Kroger

By Karamie Sullivan


The development of the Capital City Stadium property on Assembly Street in Columbia has experienced another delay.

The plan for a Kroger grocery store to be built has now changed after Kroger pulled out of the deal about a month ago.

According to Bright-Myers, the Atlanta-based contractor for the development, Kroger officials decided not to build in Columbia based on financial considerations within the past year.

The stadium has gone unused since the Columbia Blowfish relocated to Lexington 2014. Bright-Meyers is now asking for another extension on the project to figure out what will go in place of what would have been their anchor store.

Columbia City Councilman Howard Duvall said that this would be the ninth extension for the project. In August, the extension will be discussed at a council meeting. 


I anticipate the extension will be granted,” Duvall said. “This development will be an asset to the city, and Bright-Meyers has been a good company to work with thus far.”

In exchange for the extension, Duvall believes that Bright-Meyers will be willing to donate a piece of the land to allow for the relocation of the aging Olympia Fire Station. The fire station serves the USC and Bluff Road areas.

It would certainly sweeten the deal for us,” said Duvall. If the fire station is relocated to Capital City Stadium property site. The relocation of the fire station would require between one and three acres.

Although Bright-Meyers would prefer to have a grocer as part of the development, That may be an unlikely fit.

Kroger and other grocers have experienced a decline in business as shoppers are finding other ways to buy food. Instead, the developer is readjusting to form a “village-type concept,” which would include a mix of residential housing and retail stores.