Record number of people working in South Carolina

According to the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce’s March report, the job numbers in the state are strong.

“The fact that nearly everyone entering the labor force in March found work is truly a testament to how robust the economy is in South Carolina. Businesses are deciding South Carolina is where they want to grow and expand and, therefore, are in need of our number one resource – our people,” said Cheryl Stanton, executive director of the S.C. DEW.

Seasonally adjusted, nonfarm payroll employment increased by 1,400 from February to March to reach a record high of 2,077,700, according to the data from S.C. DEW.

She also said more “people are feeling confident and optimistic about the opportunities available to them as they return to the workforce.”
Lexington County had the second-lowest unemployment rate in the state at 3.4 percent. Richland County was No. 12 of 46 counties with a 3.9 percent unemployment rate.

More than 195,000 people had jobs in Richland County. In Lexington County, 148,500 were working at the end of March.
Chalreston County, home of the Boeing plant, had the lowest unemplyment rate, at 3.3 percent, in March, replacing Lexington County at No. 1. Lexington County had the lowest rate in Februray. Greenville had the third-lowest rate in March at 3.5 percent.

Gaines were seen in many sectors of the job market. (See Below)

Nonfarm Employment by Industry 

Increases were recorded in Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (+2,200); Education and Health Services (+1,400); Manufacturing (+1,200); Government (+900); and Leisure and Hospitality (+800).
Compared to March 2016, seasonally adjusted, nonfarm jobs were up 35,800.