Man charged after dead animals found in his apartment

A Richland County man has been charged with 24 counts of ill treatment to animals.

Kurt Hafner (RCSD Photo)

Kurt Hafner, 36, was arrested after Richland County Sheriff deputies enforcing an eviction order, found dead animals in his apartment. He is a staff sergeant stationed at Fort Jackson.

The 24 dead animals, the sheriff’s department said, were in an apartment on Meredith Square. It is is across  from Richland Northeast High School.

According to investigators a dog, and reptiles including a bearded dragon, two alligator snapping turtles and a various species of snakes, some venomous, were discovered dead in the home.

Hafner abandoned the animals in the residence with no food or water for weeks, authorities said. Hafner was taken into custody at Fort Jackson after the sheriff’s department made contact with his chain of command.