Sports broadcaster Mike Hagins finds light after dire prognosis

Mike Hagins had suffered with diabetes for years, but it got serious in August.

“I was told I would have to have a kidney transplant,” said Hagins. “It was quite a shock.”

Hagins is the Voice of the Brookland-Cayce High School Bearcats. He broadcasts BC’s football, basketball and baseball games on 1620- AM- The Dove-Radio.

Mike Hagins during a White Knoll at Brookland-Cayce basketball game. (Photos by Terry Ward.)

Hagins said the medical prognosis left him depressed. On top of the dire news, Hagins would have to undergo Dialysis treatments three days a week.

The Dialysis can take five or six hours, “ said Hagins. It’s the process of cleaning his blood.

“It makes for a long day,” he said.

He said the treatments make him tired, and it’s especially difficult when he gets treated on the same day he broadcasts a Brookland-Cayce game.

But things have gotten brighter since Hagins found out he would need a replacement kidney. He said the support from family and friends has been overwhelming and that has encouraged him. He also said two people have been identified as donor candidates.

“The match has to be perfect,” said Hagins.

Hagins talks with Matt Edwards, left, a Bearcat football coach.

One of the potential donors, a friend of Hagins, said he wanted to remain anonymous. Hagins mother-in-law, Anita Wrona is another match.

All mother-in-law jokes aside, Hagins said his relationship with Wrona is as strong as a mother’s and a son’s. And he is thankful for her willingness to sacrifice for him. “I love her. She is golden,” Hagins said.

Hagins is on the list to receive the kidney from a donor (cadaver) that is deceased, too.

He said his wife, April, and sons Rex and Grant, have been a source of support and motivation.

“My family has been great through all of this,” Hagins said.

“I’m very inspired,” said Hagins. “There is an end goal. I don’t know when, but it is fixable.”