Lexington County Museum hosts “Murders and Mysteries” Walking Tour, Saturday

The Lexington County Museum will offer its “Murders and Mysteries” Walking Tour of downtown Lexington on Saturday (Feb. 4) at 8 p.m.

Attendees will learn about some of the spookier and more gruesome aspects of Lexington’s history, as we will discuss murders, mobbings, and mysteries that occurred in downtown Lexington. Because of the mature subject matter, we ask that attendees be 18 or over.

We want Lexington County residents to take pride in knowing the history of their community. Therefore, the “Murders and Mysteries” Walking Tour will be FREE!
The tour will start in front of the empty lot next to Pitter Platter, located at 112 E. Main St., Lexington. The tour will stay mainly within the block between Church Street and South Lake Drive. 

If you would like additional information regarding the walking tour, call the Lexington County Museum at (803) 359-8369, or email us at