Airport students give $4,100 for Special Olympics trip

More needed

Some Special Needs bowlers are preparing for the trip of a lifetime thanks to some help from their classmates at Airport High School.

Airport High School and S.C. Special Olympics are partnering to send Airport’s United Bowling Team to Las Vegas, for a tournament Feb. 13-17.

Students on Chic-fil-A night. Photos Contributed.)

“United Sports combine the amazing talents of our students who have intellectual disabilities with their wonderful non-disabled peers,” said Karen Kish, Airport’s Special Olympics coach.

The projected cost for the trip is $7,000. For a couple of months the students at Airport have been raising funds to make sure the team has the money to go. Those students have accounted for $4,100 toward the cost.

“The students sold a ‘hat pass’ for a dollar,” said Daniel Bailey, Airport’s Middle College Coordinator. He also said more funds were collected on a Chic-fil-A night, along with other creative fundraisers. He said Airport’s Student Improvement Council took the lead in an effort to raise money.

Emilee Fertick, an Airport senior has been one of the leaders in helping fund the trip. She is also a “Unified Partner” who will be assisting a Special Olympics bowler in Las Vegas.

“I’m helping because this is a once-in-a-lifetime- opportunity for some of these students,” Fertick said. She said some of the participants are so excited they have been packing since they found out about the trip to Las Vegas. “It’s awesome to be a part of it.”

Fertick said she has become close to many of the special needs students in a class at Airport that is designed to help serve those students. She said she is inspired by the passion and joy she sees from the special needs team members.

Despite the amount raised by students, more is still needed to fully fund the trip.

Students celebrate on Hat Day Buyout.

“We are very blessed to have four talented athletes, and four truly compassionate unified partners who will be attending this tournament, along with three coaches,” said Kish.

She said South Carolina Special Olympics is a non-profit and donations or sponsorships can be written off for tax purposes. The Employer Identification number is 57-0680248. The on-line link to donate at First Giving is at: Donate to Airport’s Special Olympics Bowling Team
Checks can also be made out to Airport High School

“If you or your business is willing to donate or sponsor out group, we would greatly appreciate any help towards this adventure,” said Kish.