County Council member escapes death

Ned Tolar of West Columbia recuperating after devastating car wreck

The life of Lexington County Councilman Ned Tolar changed drastically in a matter of seconds.

Tolar, 72, suffered numerous injuries in a car crash Oct. 20 that has left him in a fight to regain his normal routine.


Ned Tolar (Photo provided)

Tolar’s car was hit as he was turning left at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Old Cherokee Road in Lexington. His vehicle was hit on the driver’s side.

The crash resulted in three broken vertebra and damage to one of his kidneys. He had a cut on his scalp that took nine stitches to close, said his wife, Vicki Tolar. He suffered extensive bruising to his body, too, she said.

It was a violent wreck, but Tolar survived the hit that put him in the hospital for 10 days. Afterward, he expressed appreciation.

“I’m thankful,” said Tolar, who was released from the hospital Oct. 29. “I’m thankful for my doctors and I’m thankful to be alive.”

Tolar also issued a thank-you on his Facebook page to everyone who expressed concern about him. He said he is “home and taking it easy, per doctor’s orders.”

Tolar, who lives in West Columbia and owns a property management firm, represents District 8 on County Council. He took his seat in 2014 after an upset primary win over incumbent Bill Banning, and he is not up for re-election until 2018. For now, he just wants to get well, but that may take time.

“He’s recovering, but it’s going to be slow. He’s gone through a lot,” his wife said.

“Ned is a fighter and he will be back,” his wife vowed.

His colleagues are pulling for his recovery, too.

Todd Cullum, Lexington County Council chairman, said all of council, and everyone associated with the county, are praying for Tolar’s recovery and comfort.

“We’ll (be) glad to get him back at 100 percent,” Cullum said.

Tolar’s wife said the collision would have been even more devastating if the hit had been a mere six inches closer to the front of his car door.

She said Tolar was never unconscious during the wreck but that he was immobilized in the car by impact of the crash.

“There was gasoline all over the road,” she said. “And a man pulled Ned out of the car. He (Tolar) does not know who pulled him out, but he’d like to find him and thank him.”