Deputies say elementary student stabbing was self-defense

Authorities are investigating a stabbing incident involving two elementary school students.

Richland County Sheriff’s deputies were called around 2 p.m. Monday to Horrell Hill Elementary School in response to two male students fighting. One fifth-grade student reportedly was bullying another fifth-grade student by kicking him repeatedly. Deputies say the student being bullied defended himself by stabbing the other student’s foot with a metal hair pick.

The wounded student was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released, according to Richland One Communications Director Karen York.

The school district has policies and disciplines for weapons being brought to school. Students with weapons could be expelled from school. Authorities say in this particular case, however, the student acted in self-defense.

“While there is no specific language regarding ‘metal hair picks,’ in the ‘Board Policy JICI – Weapons in Schools’ and our Student Discipline Code of Conduct both address weapons,” York said.

No charges have been filed, but deputies are investigating the incident.

York said the school will not disclose disciplinary actions “that have been or may be taken against specific students.”