Swamp Cabbage Brewing Co. is newest addition to Columbia craft beer field

The local beer business is growing in Columbia, and the newest brewery in town is a family operation.

The Swamp Cabbage Brewing Company family: (L-R) Melissa Boyd, Ed Boyd, Doug Boyd, and Maria Boyd (photo by Allen Wallace).

The Swamp Cabbage Brewing Co. family, Melissa Boyd (from left), Ed Boyd, Doug Boyd and Maria Boyd (photo by Allen Wallace)

Swamp Cabbage Brewing Co, showed off its wares Tuesday night at a launch party at Craft and Draft on Devine Street, with dozens coming to taste the new drinks. All three Swamp Cabbage beers offered sold out during the two hour event.

The new brewery is the culmination of years of work by brothers Doug and Ed Boyd. The brothers have lived in Columbia since the 1980s, and their interest in making beer began with an impulse visit by Doug to a home-brewing store.

Their interest grew and turned to a plan about five years ago.

“We started getting more serious,” Doug said Tuesday. “We visited other breweries and found that two people can do it, with a lot of hard work.”

The two spent a lot of time researching and planning and began buying equipment two years ago. And this month, as Doug put it, “We’re finally getting some beers into production.”

Doug and Ed’s only “employees” are their wives, Maria and Melissa. Doug said the presence of other local breweries like Conquest and River Rat has been a help in getting started.

“We all kind of work together,” he said. “It’s very friendly competition. Having more of us in town draws more people down there.”

“We really appreciate all the support everyone is showing us,” Ed said as he looked at Tuesday night’s launch party crowd.

Swamp Cabbage will offer tastings and have their new beers for sale at several local restaurants this week, including Wednesday at Dano’s Pizza on Rosewood Drive. The Boyds also will be on hand for numerous local festivals coming up and said they hope to begin hosting tours of their brewery on Brookwood Drive soon. More information on where to find Swamp Cabbage beers can be found here.