Lexington High School’s Will Hunter sees a future in coaching after athletics

Lexington quarterback Will Hunter says that while he most likely will play quarterback in college, he just wants to play a sport.

Lexington High quarterback Will Hunter says while he most likely will play quarterback in college, he’s open to playing any sport. (photo by Tom Lanahan)

Anyone who’s lived in Lexington the past four years probably has heard of Will Hunter.

The Lexington High School senior made his first start at quarterback midway through his freshman year and has not looked back since.

Through seven games this year, Hunter has completed 58 percent of his passes and has thrown for 1,889 yards and 20 touchdowns. He’s had only four interceptions so far this year.

During his four years at Lexington, he’s also worked with two different head coaches. His first three years, he played under Scott Earley. Now, Josh Stepp is the head man for the Lexington Wildcats.

Hunter said he has taken away important lessons from both men, which have helped him in his football development.

From Earley, Hunter learned how the game is played as a whole.

“About my ninth-grade year, when Scott Earley came here, (he) really showed me what football really was,” Hunter said. “In my first two years here with him, (playing under Earley) probably really taught me more about the game and how you build a bond with some of the people here.”

Hunter said because of what Earley taught him, he feels he’ll be prepared for the college game. This includes improving his foot work and getting stronger to be able to take the big hits he’ll see at the college level.

Hunter said he would says he wants to play a sport in college, but that it would “most likely” be football. However, while he has gotten a lot of interest from schools, he hasn’t received any offers yet and his future is uncertain. Hunter and Stepp declined to mention which specific schools had expressed interest.

As for Stepp, Hunter said he brought something that can’t be taught.

“He brought a lot of excitement back here and everyone is excited to play,” Hunter said. “With that you can get a lot more wins out of a team.”

And that excitement doesn’t stop on the football field for Hunter.

He is also a member of the Wildcats basketball team, and, for the first time in four years, he will be a member of the defending state championship baseball team.

Hunter said while he will miss playing football for the Wildcats, he knows he has to be mentally ready for the next challenge.

“I love all the sports the same,” he said. “The day football ends, I go straight to basketball the next day, so it’s not going to be where I’m going to dread about football for so long. I’m going to another sport the next day and get prepared for that (sport).”

Outside of athletics, however, Hunter holds a 3.32 GPA and said no matter what he does athletically in college, he wants to be an education major to help pave a path into coaching.

He already has a leg up on this, as he has been job-shadowing at different schools and recently spent a day at Airport High School shadowing in the athletics department.

As for the academics at the college level, Hunter said he really doesn’t know what the transition will be like until he gets there, but he thinks he’ll be able to handle anything that might come his way.

What’s coming his way in the near future are the 7-2 Dutch Fork Silver Foxes. Both teams enter the game with 3-0 conference marks and game time is set for 7:30 p.m. Friday at Dutch Fork.