Town of Lexington Mayoral Candidate Q&A: Steve MacDougall

Steve MacDougall

Steve MacDougall

ColaDaily sent an identical questionnaire to each candidate for mayor of the Town of Lexington. The position is held by Randy Halfacre, who is facing opposition from challenger Steve MacDougall, a current Town of Lexington council member.

The election takes place Nov. 5.

Below are MacDougall’s reponses. View a completed questionnaire from Halfacre here.

Can you share your age, family and professional background history?

Age: 50

Family: I am married (Jamie) and have three daughters, Brittney, Kamryn and Addison.

Professional: Over the past twenty years I have been in the restaurant and bar business. Prior to that, I was a licensed law enforcement agent for the South Carolina State Senate.

What are your opinions regarding growth in the town? Are there specific areas or sectors you’d like to see protected or developed?

It is my opinion that we have a controlled growth plan (which I have already started, it will have to go to our planning commission first for their approval) to distinguish areas for development so that we stay in control of the growth that is coming and keep our small town feel.

How well do you think the council members communicate with each other and with the public?

I would like to see more communication between council. Currently we are given limited information through the municipal clerk forwarded from the mayor, not directly from the mayor. I will involve all members of council because they are so vital to this process and should have a role in it.

4. What policy changes, if any, would you make to improve communication with the public?

When I involve council, they will help spread the word to the people, and they will be better informed in the day-to-day decisions.

5. What leadership skills do you possess that would better unite the town?

I have a proven record of leadership. Over my life I have always achieved the level of (the guy in charge) top management position. I will use my communication and problem-solving skills to create an environment that I have learned in the hospitality industry and change the tone of municipal government.

6. What challenges do you think the town will face in the coming years? What do you think are Lexington’s hurdles to overcoming these challenges, and how will you face those obstacles?

This town is set to see unprecedented growth, growth that we to maintain a handle on so that the growth does not overwhelm us. We have to be proactive in our decisions so that we do not have to react. Our hurdle will continue to be our traffic. Our two-pronged approach will help alleviate some of the congestion, but we must continue to look for solutions and plan for the future.

7. What do you want to see the town do to encourage economic development?

Once we change the tone of our government, the challenges that we face today in attracting growth will disappear. That is how I would like to encourage it. With trust, honest and pride for OUR TOWN.

8. If elected, what will be your No. 1 priority and how do you plan to accomplish it?

My No. 1 priority will be to return faith in our municipal leaders so that the policy and laws that we are making that effect you and that you have to live by, there will be no doubt that they are done with best interest of your family, and OUR TOWN.